Petition for a Fair and Democratic Union Election

GET-UP invites all members of the University of Pennsylvania community, including graduate workers, undergrads, staff, and faculty, as well as supporters of union democracy throughout the City of Philadelphia and beyond, to join us in this petition asking that the university remain neutral as we move to certify our union in an election.

Text of the petition:

To: Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania & David Cohen, Chairman of the Board of the University of Pennsylvania
From: [Your Name]

​We, the graduate employees of the University of Pennsylvania, have initiated the process of forming ourselves into a union. We believe that a contract produced by collective bargaining could address general and specific issues facing graduate students, as well as guarantee more democratic avenues for graduate students to participate in the university. Our aim is to develop our collective power to improve our working conditions, enrich our academic experience, and transform the university into a more democratic and diverse workplace for the benefit of the wider community, including undergraduates, standing and non-standing faculty, and the City of Philadelphia.

We formally ask that the administration respect our rights to free speech, assembly, and organization without fear of reprisal. To assure us of your respect for our rights, we ask that you publicly declare and practically resolve to remain neutral as we decide whether to unionize. That includes, but is not limited to:

· Not harassing, surveilling, bribing, or interrogating individual students, which is prohibited by U.S. federal law

· Not intimidating minority, immigrant, underrepresented, international, or first-generation graduate students

· Not threatening to take away our current benefits, such as healthcare

· Not pressuring student organizations on campus

· Not spreading misinformation about unionization

· Not using university funds to hire outside, third-party, anti-union lawyers, consultants, or firms

Your decision to remain neutral will allow us to make this decision democratically, and for ourselves, free from intimidation or coercion.

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