Solidarity with IDEAL Council’s Open Letter

GET-UP is proud to sign in solidarity with the powerful statement and list of demands by the IDEAL Council of GAPSA, which represents marginalized groups on campus. GET-UP joins with IDEAL and other groups on campus in continuing to condemn the race science propagated by Penn Law professor Amy Wax in her August 9 Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed. In our response on August 11, and in our call to build a stronger community following the white supremacist rally and terrorist attacks in Charlottesville August 14, we affirmed: “GET-UP stands together with many across our campus, joining our voice with theirs to condemn racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and oppression in all its forms. We continue to call on Amy Gutmann to condemn racism on campus, without equivocation.”

GET-UP aims to support and bolster the important work of IDEAL’s members and partner organizations as they call for clear grievance procedures and a centralized Diversity and Inclusion office. In our capacity as a union, we will help put pressure on Penn’s administration through contract negotiations and public presence alike. We will work together to combat the tremendous power imbalances that exist between Wax and the Penn administration on one side, and graduate and undergraduate students on the other. To do so, GET-UP will advocate for a fair, transparent, universal and anonymous grievance procedure in our contract negotiations with the university and for significant changes to Penn’s approach to marginalized communities of students and student workers. GET-UP will continue to stand with marginalized members of our community. We also encourage our members and supporters to sign as individuals in solidarity with the IDEAL Council’s letter here.