Petition to Protect Students and Workers at Penn Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

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March 19, 2020

To President Gutmann and the University of Pennsylvania Administration, 

We are writing on behalf of university students, faculty, workers, and community members to express our deep concern with recent measures that the University of Pennsylvania has taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We demand the administration to provide a more robust set of protections for ensuring the immediate and long-term economic and psychological safety of the Penn community. 

During a moment of global crisis, Penn suddenly forced hundreds of students living in university housing to leave campus on extremely short notice. Many were left with insufficient accommodations and many requests for alternative housing arrangements were flatly denied by the university. Alarmingly, in a March 15th email to undergraduate students’ parents, the university indicated that they contacted landlords to pressure students to vacate those on off-campus housing. This potentially violates the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law that protects the privacy of student records. As The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, university-wide policy to “depopulate” the campus takes a serious economic, personal, and psychological toll on many students, their families, workers, staff, and community members of Penn.

These are not reasonable responses to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Indeed, City Councilmember Helen Gym specifically criticized Penn’s decision to immediately remove students from university housing, claiming it contradicts the Philadelphia-wide policy for halting all evictions to stem the outbreak. 

The university’s manner of making decisions and communicating them puts us at great unease. We receive intimidating dictates to suddenly evacuate university housing on and off-campus; we see students given no choice but to travel during a pandemic, which, according to the CDC, places them at greater exposure risk to the virus; further, a March 13th email signed by the Provost threatened students on and off-campus with the use of police intervention and academic probation to enforce a social distancing policy, which confusingly contradicted previous messages ensuring that “internal meetings” fewer than 25 people were permissible. 

These are objectionable precedents for handling unprecedented crises. They are premised on an unsettling readiness to punish, intimidate, and displace the university’s own students and workers. We cannot allow knee-jerk responses practiced during a moment of crisis to become naturalized into new, routine and unfair procedures. 

The University of Pennsylvania still has an opportunity to better care for its students and workers. Many of us–tenured and untenured faculty, adjunct instructors, post-doctoral researchers and instructors, service and maintenance workers, international and domestic undergraduate and graduate students, members of the Penn community–still have many unmet needs.

Because the University of Pennsylvania has the resources, and the professional and moral obligation to meet our needs, we make the following immediate demands:

  • Guarantee housing security for all students who require it. The university must approve all on-campus housing requests. Of the hundreds of students who requested housing, a great many of them were denied. They were also informed that they could not appeal the decision. Some of those students remain in Philadelphia in insecure housing situations. The university must guarantee on-campus housing and/or off-campus housing security for all students who need it. 
  • Provide housing for GAs (Graduate Associates). The GA contracts guaranteed secure and safe housing until June 1, 2020; the university must stay true to the contract by providing housing, utilities, including internet paid for by the university, and all other necessary amenities necessary to survive quarantine in the state of a global emergency. GAs must also be offered testing for COVID-19, as they were working during the undergraduate move-out and potentially exposed themselves to contagions from students returning from travel. 
  • Cease pressuring landlords to evict students from off-campus housing. Emails from the Provost have stated that Penn is encouraging off-campus landlords to pressure student tenants to leave their homes and depopulate the area. This practice increases the number of students facing housing insecurity and their risk of transmitting or contracting COVID-19. Penn’s protocol contradicts the Philadelphia municipal courts’ decision to put a moratorium on all evictions, as well as the resolution proposed by City Councilmember Helen Gym.
  • Guarantee that hourly workers will not face loss of pay because of suspension of university operations. This includes undergraduate students who rely on work-study and will lose hours this semester. While Penn has stated that “At this time, no University paid employee will be put in an unpaid status,” this policy does not clearly protect workers from loss of wages nor does it prevent the university from laying off workers at a later date as the crisis continues. All campus workers, regardless of work status and contract status, should continue receiving full payment by the University. In cases where workers are employed through third-party contractors, the University must demand that the contractors also provide the same benefits, and maintain that our continued association with the contracting agency be contingent on this. We support the Student Labor Action Project’s petition to support Penn Dining Workers.
  • Guarantee that salaried and stipended workers, including graduate student workers and post-doctoral researchers, will not lose pay because of extenuating circumstances created by the pandemic. 
  • Guarantee that all workers on campus have unlimited paid sick and personal leave. In accordance with safety policies recommended by the CDC and other organizations, Penn workers need to be free to take all of the personal time they need without consequence. Considering that Philadelphia schools are closed, Penn workers are facing unprecedented care-taking demands. Additionally, the recovery time from COVID-19 infection is still unknown, and Penn workers must be able to take the necessary time to recover completely. 
  • Place an immediate moratorium on rent collection for all Penn-owned properties. This includes both properties that are rented by small businesses, such as People’s Books and Culture, as well as the off-campus apartments owned by Penn through University City Associates.
  • Guarantee that all workers, students, faculty, and staff on campus are provided with the appropriate protective equipment, including but not limited to: gloves, facemasks, and hand sanitizer. 
  • Fully cover the costs of COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination. We understand that Penn has stated that all of their insurance plans will cover testing and waive payment sharing for tests, but the current policy for covering treatment is vague and incomprehensive. All payment and access to care should be 100% covered for all university affiliates, regardless of Aetna’s policies and of whether services are provided by an in- or out-of-network provider. The university must also ensure that university health center employees are fully aware that that care will be fully covered for those with insurance through the university or elsewhere. 
  • Publicly and forcefully denounce opportunistic manipulation of the pandemic to promote racism, especially against Asians and Asian-Americans. 
  • Guarantee that the Penn Police will never be used nor threatened to be used against students, workers, and community members to enforce COVID-19 policies. 
  • Reimburse all costs incurred by all university affiliates who leave campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to: transportation costs; storage costs; rent for those displaced from university housing; and food and living expenses for students who lose access to meal plans. 
  • Ensure that any students on F-1 and J-1 visas are able to maintain their visa status as needed to lessen the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus. We understand that universities nationwide are still waiting on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines. But we demand that Penn negotiate and advocate for universal visa extensions on behalf of its students and workers.
  • Give all students the option to receive a pass/fail grade in any course this semester, and ensure that all grades account for the extreme circumstances that students have faced this semester. In addition, no student’s enrollment status or academic standing should be affected by the events of this semester. 
  • Offer all graduate students at least a one-semester extension on program progress milestones. This includes, but is not limited to, qualifying masters or doctoral exams and dissertation progress checkpoints. 

Because the duration of the pandemic is unknown and its ramifications for the future are indefinite, we believe students and workers will remain compromised on a long-term basis. We thus demand the following longer-term protections from Penn: 

  • Affirm that the sudden transition to remote teaching is a temporary response to an immediate public health crisis. We demand a letter from Provost promising that remote learning platforms will not remain a permanent standard for the higher education curriculum at Penn. We believe that maintaining a residential setting for faculty and students to create knowledge and interact in classrooms, laboratories, libraries, museums, performative spaces and studios, and other university spaces, is crucial to the intellectual integrity of this institution. 
  • Guarantee that all incoming graduate students for the Fall 2020 semester will receive their stipend payments in advance, as well as a guaranteed grant to fund their move and travel to Philadelphia. This should apply to all future incoming students henceforth. See GET-UP’s position on the crisis of delayed stipend payment at Penn here.
  • Provide all current ABD (All But Dissertation) PhD candidates facing immediate structural gaps in their funding packages with summer funding. Transform all current university fellowships on a 9-month or 10-month stipend disbursement plan into a 12-month stipend that guarantees payment over the summer. This includes, but is not limited to, graduate students on the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship.

Please click on this link and fill out the Google Form to add your signature to this petition! All are welcome to sign — you do not need to be formally affiliated with Penn to show your support!

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Group Endorsements

  • GET-UP (Graduate Employees Together at the University of Pennsylvania) 
  • SOUL (Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation at the University of Pennsylvania)
    SLAP (Student Labor Action Project)
  • Summit City Mutual Aid and Defense
  • Graduate Workers of Columbia
  • Princeton Graduate Students United (PGSU)
  • Drexel Socialists
  • SP2 Government
  • Penn Buddhism Club
  • UAW 2192


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Total: 512 signatures

  1. Nick Millman, PhD Candidate in the Department of English
  2. Isaac Rabbani, PhD Candidate in Economics
  3. Audrey Jaquiss, PhD Student in Political Science 
  4. Aylin Malcolm, PhD Candidate
  5. Rovel Sequiera, Graduate Student in English
  6. Anonymous
  7. Anonymous
  8. Rebecca Fishman, PhD Student in Physics
  9. Ania Loomba, Professor, English Department
  10. Jamie Song, MPH Student and Graduate Assistant
  11. Ais Oshilaja
  12. Eli Sills, undergraduate student
  13. Sam Samore, PhD Student in English
  14. Miranda Sklaroff, PhD Student in Political Science
  15. Noah Cote, concerned Drexel Student
  16. Concerned Drexel student 
  17. Knar Gavin, PhD in English 
  18. Alexandra Montgomery, PhD candidate in History
  19. Brendan O’Kane, PhD candidate in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
  20. Hrishikesh Somayaji, PhD candidate in Chemistry at Princeton University
  21. Ivanna Berrios, undergraduate in Comparative Literature
  22. Jennifer Phuong, PhD Candidate in Educational Linguistics
  23. Marta Bruce, PhD, RN, Nurse at Penn Medicine 
  24. Devin William Daniels, Ph.D Candidate in English
  25. Michael Shea, PhD Student in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory
  26. Sharon Jacobs, PhD Candidate in Anthropology
  27. Kristina Lewis, PhD candidate in Educational Linguistics
  28. Faye Chevalier
  29. Chris Taylor, Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago; Penn PhD (English) 2012
  30. Hannah LeClair, PhD Student in Comparative Literature
  31. Kimberly White, PhD Student in History
  32. Kofi Biney, concerned citizen
  33. Liz Polcha, Postdoc, McNeil Center for Early American Studies 
  34. Philip Friedrich, PhD Candidate in South Asia Studies
  35. Dr. Orchid Tierney (Penn alum, grad. 2019)
  36. Bethany Swann, PhD Student in English
  37. Samuel Ewing, community member
  38. Katelyn Hearfield, PhD Candidate in Music
  39. Christopher Rogers, Ph.D Student in PennGSE
  40. Apurva Bamezai, PhD student in Political Science
  41. Sarah Roberts, GSE staff
  42. Jax Lastinger
  43. Thomas Greene, Assistant Professor of History
  44. Josh Millhouse
  45. Gasira Timir, concerned community member
  46. Jeff Nagle, PhD candidate, Hist. & Soc. of Sci.
  47. Aaron Bartels-Swindells, PhD Candidate in English
  48. Tabitha Ahnert
  49. Jonah Greebel, PhD Student in English
  50. jess lamar reece holler — concerned community member
  51. Sarah Leonard 
  52. Kay Gabriel, Postgradate Research Associate, Princeton University
  53. Nathaniel Stevens, Clinical Research Assistant and LPS student
  54. Chloe Kannan, EdD Candidate in Reading/Writing/Literacy
  55. Emma Troisi, Research Specialist at Penn
  56. Joy Lai, concerned fellow human being
  57. Raekwon Burton, Masters Student in Social Work
  58. Riley Simmons-Edler, PhD Candidate in CS, Princeton University
  59. Eugene Evans, PhD student in Plasma Physics; Princeton University
  60. Joe PIETTE, member NALC 157
  61. Nancy Roane
  62. John Santoro, Law ’21
  63. Jeremy Gallion, PhD Student in English
  64. Andrew J. Smyth, PhD student in English
  65. Projit Bihari Mukharji, Associate Professor, Hist. & Soc. of Sci., UPenn
  66. Tommy Benfey, PhD Student in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University
  67. Concerned Hispanic studies phd grad student
  68. Daniella Sánchez Russo, PhD Hispanic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  69. Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University
  70. Ari Fromm, Undergraduate in the College
  71. Enrique Sherwood Caballero, Undergraduate Student in Political Science
  72. Katie Sirianni
  73. Thomas Conners, PhD Student in Hispanic Studies
  74. Elizabeth M. Lee, Sociology PhD 2014 and Philadelphia resident
  75. Miranda Weinberg, PhD GSE/SAS ‘17
  76. Elaine Fitz Gibbon; alumna
  77. Nicholas Turner
  78. Heather Jaber, PhD Student in Communications
  79. Isabella Schlact, Penn undergraduate student
  80. Akhil P. Veetil, PhD Student in South Asia Studies and Comparative Literature
  81. Uday Jain, PhD Candidate, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago
  82. Myka Fromm, my sister goes to Penn
  83. Anna Yu Wang, PhD Candidate in Music Theory
  84. Jared Scruggs, PhD Student in Management
  85. Karen Schifter, parent of current student
  86. Anonymous
  87. Michael Stenovec, PhD Student in Political Science, UCLA
  88. Anonymous
  89. Carmen Torre Perez, PhD Student in Romance Languages
  90. Kalianie Velez, concerned community member
  91. Naveed Mansoori, Visiting Scholar at SFSU 
  92. Marianne Millman, Parent 
  93. Anonymous
  94. Samuelle Voltaire, MSW, MPH Student in PSOM, BGWA Chair and FGLIQ Graduate Representative
  95. Gabriel Winant, Assistant Professor of History, University of Chicago
  96. Nathan Millman; Concerned brother
  97. Richard Riddick, PhD candidate in French, Yale University
  98. Andrew Wagner, West Philadelphia community member
  99. Yvette Chen, master’s student
  100. Yajna Sanguhan, PhD Student in Political Science
  101. Billy Fleming, Wilks Family Director, McHarg Center
  102. Anonymous
  103. Thomas McGlone, PhD student in Philosophy at Villanova
  104. Avni Sejpal, MA student in English at Villanova University
  105. Tausif Noor, Spiegel-Wilks Curatorial Fellow, Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania
  106. Janay Garrett, PhD student 
  107. Amanda Winters, concerned citizen
  108. RJ Bergmann, PhD candidate in Comparative Literature
  109. Pooja Nayak
  110. Jessica Bergman, SAS ‘14
  111. Molly Des Jardin, Penn staff and concerned Philadelphian
  112. Thomas Hercules Davies, PhD Candidate, Princeton University
  113. Eyob Tsegaye, Undergraduate Student, Stanford University
  114. Julia Quintavalle, concerned community member
  115. A.L. McCullough, MLA II Candidate Dept. of Landscape Architecture
  116. Nora Reikosky, PhD student Penn GSE
  117. Erica Yudelman, MLA student
  118. Rebecca Dean, MSW student at SP2 and Graduate Associate in Stouffer College House
  119. Amber Mackey, PhD student in Political Science
  120. Chris Feinman, MA in Landscape Architecture + City Planning
  121. Rebecca Dean, MSW Student and GA in Stouffer College House
  122. Xiong Her, Master Student at GSE
  123. Isaac Gabriel Salgado, PhD candidate in Political Science
  124. Jennifer Delgado, MSW Student
  125. Matthew Millman
  126. Anonymous
  127. Wichinpong Sinchaisri, PhD Student in Operations, Information, and Decisions
  128. Rafael Khachaturian, Lecturer, Critical Writing Program
  129. Brandon Lee, In-house Spouse of Housing Graduate Assistant
  130. Erin Lee, graduate associate at Penn
  131. Kalyan Nadiminti, Assistant Professor of English, Gettysburg College; Penn Ph.D. (2017)
  132. Tianyu Yao, UW-Madison Graduate, concerned community member
  133. Diana Olivos-Stewart, SAS ‘12
  134. Aisha Chughtai Grad Student Anthro
  135. Bakirathi Mani
  136. Yara M. Damaj, PhD in Political Science
  137. David Kazanjian, Professor, English and Comparative Literature
  138. Rachel Hulvey, PhD Student in Political Science
  139. Sebastián Figueroa, Spanish
  140. Jake Haut, Researcher
  141. Kye Barker, Lecturer, UCLA
  142. Melissa Bradley, concerned PhD student at Villanova University 
  143. Abraham Moussako, JD student
  144. Ana Almeyda-Cohen, PhD Student in Hispanic Studies
  145. Anne Norton, Stacey and Henry Jackson President’s Distinguished Professor of Political Science 
  146. Victoria Xie
  147. Lakshmi Rivera Amin, Yale University ‘21, Ethnicity, Race & Migration major
  148. Mercedes Mayna, PhD Student in Hispanic Studies
  149. Tyanna Slobe
  150. Haley Cao, Columbia College undergraduate 2023
  151. Zachary Mankoff, MD Candidate
  152. Quiya Harris, concerned Columbia student
  153. Daniel Aldana Cohen, Asst Professor Sociology, UPenn
  154. Dean Gao, concerned UCLA graduate student 
  155. Pavel Andrade, PhD Candidate in Hispanic Studies
  156. Rebecca Naegele, MFA Student, UPenn
  157. Lenin Lozano Guzmán, PhD Student in Spanish
  158. Raka Sen
  159. Matt Crager, Yoga Teacher & Tarot Reader
  160. Dawn Hailey, concerned member of humanity 
  161. Jalylah Burrell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University
  162. Pilar Gonalon-Pons, Assistant Professor in Sociology
  163. Ji Yoon Rhee, MFA
  164. Shobhna Iyer, PhD student, Stanford University 
  165. Allison Dunatchik, PhD student in Sociology 
  166. Nina Didkovsky, UC Berkeley Undergrad
  167. Valentina Soto, Upenn MFA candidate 2020
  168. Kyuri Jeon, MFA Student, UPenn
  169. Jane Fentress, MFA student 
  170. Charitie Ropati, Undergraduate Student at Columbia University 
  171. Cole Cahill, Columbia University student 
  172. Bhumika Chauhan, NYU
  173. Ellis Hernandez, MA student, Purdue University Fort Wayne
  174. Julia Gladstone
  175. Rebecca M. Sibinga
  176. Cameron Cook, Northwestern University
  177. Lex Brown, Harvard College ‘20
  178. Rebecca Winkler
  179. Cecilia Innis, NYU student 
  180. James Billingsley, MLA/M.Arch, School of Design
  181. Brooke Harris, Yale College Student 
  182. Jax
  183. Irina Sandoval, Undergraduate Student at Dartmouth College
  184. Molly Davidson concerned community member
  185. Joshua Joel Anthony, MFA Student
  186. Erin Kong
  187. Charlie A. Scott, Brown University ‘17
  188. Byron R. Núñez, PhD Student in Political Science 
  189. Brook Jaffe, Cornell University undergraduate
  190. Sam Love, PhD student in Sociology
  191. Anonymous
  192. Kellie Ramdeen, Penn ‘18
  193. Giovani Rocha, Joint PhD Student in Political Science and Africana Studies
  194. Michael Paarlberg, PhD, assistant professor of political science, Virginia Commonwealth University
  195. Stephen Perrotti, MBDS Student 
  196. Julian Zeidler MFA PennDesign
  197. Alexandra Lillehei
  198. Emilio Martínez Poppe, MFA Student, UPenn
  199. Hannah Kass, Master of Environmental Studies Candidate at Penn
  200. Hannah Carlan, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UCLA
  201. Razan Idris, PhD Student in History
  202. Kim Fernandes, PhD student in Education and Anthropology 
  203. Tomeka Frieson, Yale College ‘21
  204. Gabriela Montes de Oca, Undergraduate Student in Health and Societies
  205. Ava Kim PhD Candidate in English
  206. Juan Zazueta, student from UVA in solidarity 
  207. Edelweiss Cardenas, partner of Penn PhD Student
  208. Francesca Fiore
  209. Abasenia Asuquo, University of Virginia ’20
  210. Karen Rile, Lecturer, UPenn English
  211. Sarah Lynch, Undergraduate at Harvard College 
  212. Jack Sanders, concerned partner of SP2 Student Rebecca Dean
  213. Amber Rose Johnson, PhD in English and Africana Studies 
  214. Jocelyne Waller, Administrative Coordinator UPenn, PSOM, Path & Lab Medicine
  215. Hannah Kass, Master of Environmental Studies Candidate at Penn
  216. Eehwa Ung, Ph.D, concerned community member
  217. Morgan McDonald, MSW Student at SP2
  218. Hector Kilgoe, Alumnus, PhD Student in Religious Studies, and Graduate Associate in Riepe College House
  219. Ashleigh Cartwright
  220. Nancy Bentley, Professor of English, Upenn
  221. James Sadler, CAS ’13, GSE ’15
  222. Amelia Hetherington, concerned community member
  223. Alba Disla, C ‘19
  224. Irteza Binte-Farid, PhD student in GSE and Anthropology 
  225. Samira Junaid, PhD (Dept of South Asia Studies, Penn)
  226. Thomas Collins, PhD Student in English
  227. Valerie Leibold 
  228. Euiyoung Kim, Yale ’21
  229. Yulia Kim, PhD student at Columbia University
  230. Carlos PRice-Sanchez, GA Lauder College House, MA International Education and Development Program
  231. Michael J. Ernst, Penn Alumnus, Ph.D. Student at Temple University 
  232. Paola Pérez Moreno, Master of Social Work Candidate
  233. Jason Zhang, Concerned friend of GA
  234. Iggy Cortez, Mellon Assistant Professor in Cinema and Media Arts, Vanderbilt University, Penn PhD 2018
  235. Nolan Bensen, Columbia GSAS, EALAC PhD
  236. Ajay Kumar Batra, PhD candidate, English
  237. Tim Barker, PhD Candidate in History, Harvard 
  238. Ann Rea, MFA/MSW, 2021
  239. Carolina Vela
  240. Aditya Bhattacharjee, PhD Student in Religious Studies
  241. Samantha Pious, PhD in Comparative Literature 
  242. Naiya Speight-Leggett, concerned community member
  243. Austin Kronig, M.Arch UMichigan
  244. Tobi Haslett
  245. Marissa Wirick, concerned academic student employee
  246. Arely Pena, MFA student in Penn School of Design 
  247. TJ Ghose
  248. Jordan Williams, Penn student
  249. Julio Arias
  250. Daniel Lapinski, MA Student in South Asia Studies
  251. S. Patel
  252. Katharine Hartmann, first year Penn student 
  253. Karen Aquino, CAS ‘12, GSE ‘14
  254. Hamza Qaiser, Penn Grad 2015
  255. Natasha Bailey, PhD Student, University of Leicester, UK
  256. Anonymous
  257. Kalob Morris, MArch 2020
  258. Anonymous
  259. Anonymous
  260. Malika Kadyrova, alumna
  261. Jolyon B. Thomas, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
  262. William Udell, Sculpture Technician and Adjunct Instructor, School of Design.
  263. Sebastián Gil-Riaño, Assistant Professor, History and Sociology of Science
  264. Elizabeth L Bynum
  265. Gabriel Raeburn, PhD Candidate in Religious Studies and History, University of Pennsylvania
  266. Angus Macdonald,  venue manager at the Rotunda
  267. Katie Pak, GSE Postdoc 
  268. Chad Frazier
  269. Olivia Harding, PhD candidate, Cell & Molecular Biology
  270. Zachary Smith, PhD Candidate in Political Science
  271. Danielle Taschereau Mamers
  272. JS Wu, PhD Student in English
  273. Won cha
  274. Cynthia Gao, NYU
  275. Bruno Saconi, PhD Student in Nursing
  276. Tyree Holmes, concerned community member
  277. Victoria Price, MS Social Policy candidate
  278. Regina Baker, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  279. Santiago Cunial, PhD Candidate in Political Science, UPenn
  280. Katie Levesque, researcher at the school of design, alumna SAS and PennDesign
  281. Alexis Rider, PhD candidate in Hist & Soc of Science
  282. Isaac Yearwood, Undergrad; Yale College
  283. Shelley Zhang, PhD Student in Music
  284. Dr. Nilay Özen, physician and concerned parent
  285. Paul Saint-Amour, Professor and Chair of English
  286. Tunga Tuzer
  287. Nuri Dagdeviren
  288. Anonymous
  289. Suvir Kaul, Professor of English, Univ of Pennsylvania
  290. Gillian Maris Jones, PhD student in Anthropology and Africana Studies
  291. Kirby Sokolow, PhD Student in RELS
  292. Joseph Painter, MFA 2020
  293. Kay Lee, MFA, UPenn 
  294. Wesley Neal, Undergraduate 
  295. Nat Rivkin, PhD Student in English
  296. Aliyah Bixby-Driesen, PhD student, anthropology 
  297. Ellen Bryer, PhD student in Sociology
  298. Dana Khromov, PhD candidate in Romance Languages
  299. Tali Rosenman Ziv, UPenn
  300. Anonymous
  301. Aislinn Pentecost-Farren, UPenn Masters Candidate in Fine Art and Historic Preservation
  302. Khyra Lammers
  303. Rebecca Leech, former IT employee at GSE
  304. Ericka Beckman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages
  305. Amrita Stuetzle, MFA Student, UPenn 
  306. Jessica Lin, MFA UPenn
  307. Daniel Morales-Armstrong, PhD Student in Africana Studies
  308. Sean Toland, PhD Candidate in History, Princeton
  309. Ted Kelly, Workers World Party
  310. David O’Connell
  311. Juliana Zhou,  Masters Student in Social Policy
  312. Max Johnson Dugan, PhD Student in Religious Studies
  313. Jonathan Feingold, Law ’22
  314. Jordan Rockford, community member and educator
  315. German Pallares. PhD Candidate in Architecture
  316. Diami Virgilio, PhD student, Annenberg School for Communication
  317. Darlene Hodge Rodriguez – Undergraduate Student
  318. Yu-te Chiang, PhD Student in Comparative Literature
  319. Anonymous
  320. Assil Frayha, PhD Student in Communications
  321. Siel Agugliaro, PhD Student in Music History
  322. Julie Rivkin, Professor, Connecticut College, Parent of Penn PhD student
  323. Emily Bunker MLA 2022
  324. Kate McCormick, friend of current students and alumni
  325. Lauren Bridges, PhD Student in Communication
  326. Andrew J Ortiz, Master’s Student in Social Policy
  327. William Mullaney
  328. Illya Mousavijad, MFA student 
  329. Jared Jones
  330. Gabriel Udell, Undergraduate at Pomona College
  331. Emmanuela Soria Ruiz, UPenn MFA
  332. Amy Schindelman, Penn GSE alum
  333. Jeremy Steinberg, PhD Student in Religious Studies
  334. Liliana Torpey, friend of Penn students and concerned community member
  335. fields harrington Penn Alumni
  336. Diana Solano-Oropeza, undergraduate physics student at Drexel
  337. Isabel Bartholomew
  338. Chelsea Cohen, PhD student, Anthropology
  339. Taylor Heath, PhD Student in Sociology
  340. Ayesha Sheth, PhD Student in South Asia Studies
  341. Mery Concepcion Yale College ‘20
  342. Chi-ming Yang, Associate Professor of English
  343. Breanna Moore, PhD Student in History
  344. V Goren – concerned citizen
  345. Ertuğrul Karabulut
  346. Rachel Swym, Undergraduate Student
  347. Lauren Davis, Penn Law ’21
  348. Chun Zhang
  349. Lincoln W Daniel, concerned community member
  350. Kimberly Shoemaker, M. Arch
  351. Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Alum
  352. Mallory Rappaport, MSW Student
  353. Sue Pierce, Arcadia University
  354. Narendra Haynes, MFA
  355. Arshdeep Singh Brar, PhD Student in South Asia Studies
  356. Anonymous
  357. Mitch Chisholm, M.Arch candidate
  358. Aashish Gupta, PhD student, Demography and Sociology
  359. Ella Israeli, incoming MSW student
  360. Ethan Plaue, PhD Student in English
  361. Anonymous
  362. Nikil Saval
  363. Jeffrey Price, Parent of student
  364. Claudia Elcock-Price, Parent
  365. On behalf of my grandon, Hector
  366. Sarah Cate, Penn Alumni
  367. Tamara Griego, community member
  368. Stephanie Smalling, concerned member 
  369. Aliyah Cunningham, Yale College Undergraduate
  370. Tabitha Mustafa, Wharton PhD Student in Business Ethics
  371. Laura Silverman, PhD Candidate in Political Science
  372. Zain Mian, PhD Student in Comparative Literature
  373. Catherine Valverde
  374. Kirsten Barboza, College Undergrad
  375. Ruth Bucci 
  376. Qiyang Zhang. Masters student at Penn GSE
  377. Ming Jiang, UPenn
  378. Catherine Valverde MLA 2020
  379. Muxin Sun, Master’s student at GSE
  380. Shweta CHOPRA, Alum SP2 2019
  381. Wenjing Fang, UPenn
  382. Bhumika Chauhan, NYU
  383. Siqi Xu
  384. John Huemmler
  385. Tyler Lawson
  386. Gloria Rubac
  387. Marco Avilés
  388. David Alff, Assoc Prof of English (SUNY-Buffalo), Penn PhD 2012
  389. Gwen Comings, MFA ‘17
  390. Kaitlin Hoak, friend of Penn GA
  391. Patricia Cuevas, Almunni
  392. Tashauna Bagby
  393. Elijah Gunther, PhD Student in Mathematics
  394. Leniqueca Welcome, PhD student at UPenn
  395. Anonymous, UPenn PhD Student in Political Science
  396. Elliott Branch, Wharton ‘78
  397. Sarah Kim
  398. Taylor Goldberg, Master of Social Work student
  399. Samantha Daniels, MSW, SP2 Class of 2018
  400. Julia Hah, MSW/MPH UPenn
  401. Justin Miller
  402. Sero Toriano Parel, PhD Student in Neuroscience, Princeton University
  403. Julianne Shrieve, concerned community member
  404. Rachel, MSW student
  405. Sitong Liu, MSW’19
  406. Haley Mills, MSW Student
  407. Concerned community member
  408. Paul Eberwine, PhD student in Classics, Princeton University
  409. Audrey Huntington WG ‘21
  410. Jacqueline Robbins
  411. Melissa Pang, Concerned Community Member
  412. Ambika Roos, Wharton MBA ‘18
  413. Erin P Boyle
  414. Sarah Finkelstein, concerned Philadelphian
  415. Anonymous
  416. Megan Fletcher, MSW Student
  417. Anonymous
  418. Patricia Thomas, MFA Candidate 
  419. Mike Shrieve, Graduate Student at University of Washington
  420. Marissa Nicosia, UPenn PhD 2014, Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University – Abington College
  421. Anonymous
  422. Naomi Waltham-Smith, Penn SAS faculty 2012–18
  423. Shannon K. Supple, Smith College
  424. Alicia Chatterjee, PhD student in Social Welfare
  425. Anirudh Karnick, PhD student, Comparative Literature & South Asia Studies, UPenn
  426. Laura Muresanu, MArch Student at the University of Edinburgh – where international students aren’t forced to leave the campus
  427. Pegah Maleki
  428. Hallie Nell Swanson, PhD student in Religious Studies
  429. Yihao Zhang, Graduate Student in Architecture
  430. Andrew Zhang, WEMBA45, WG2021
  431. Ella Schwalb, GSE UTAP ’18
  432. Danielle Kovalski
  433. Tien Vo, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  434. Rachel Frank
  435. Man Cheung Tsui, PhD Candidate in Mathematics
  436. Matthew Taft, PhD Candidate in English, Duke University
  437. Marina Golden
  438. Professor Janet Montefiore , University of Kent
  439. Elisabeth Durham, MFA Candidate
  440. Jacob H Nussbaum
  441. Stephie Kang, PhD Student at Michigan State University
  442. Kimberly Cardenas, PhD Candidate, Political Science
  443. Anju Parvathy Biju, PhD student
  444. Sonja Dahl, roommate of Penn students
  445. Meerabelle Jesuthasan, College of Arts and Science 2019
  446. Elliot Bullen, MLA 2022
  447. Melissa Sanchez
  448. Isabelle Luzuriaga- Masters of Social Work candidate
  449. Beth Feindt-Scott, UPenn Class of 2019
  450. Casey Kim, Penn MD student
  451. Chidi Nwogbaga
  452. Öykü Potuoglu Cook, MSW student, Penn SP2
  453. Milo Ward, PhD Student Pol Theory; CUNY Graduate Center
  454. Alexander Cowan, community member
  455. Jillian Stinchcomb, RELS PhD Candidate
  456. Sarah Craig, Penn NPL staff
  457. Serrano Legrand, Ed.D Candidate PennGSE
  458. Sam Alberg, concerned community member 
  459. Adam Bailey, GSE alumnus
  460. Autumn Ondo, Candidate MSW at SP2 ’20
  461. Rebecca Lipstein, RN, UPenn nursing alumni. 
  462. Philip Feibusch, Medical Student
  463. Emily Harrington, Fine Arts Undergraduate and Bryn Mawr Student
  464. Alex Graves, Engineering 2019
  465. Noel Zheng
  466. Michal Schatz
  467. Janel Rabbani, concerned community member
  468. Eugenie Rabbani
  469. Rachel Basaldua EMBA
  471. Ami Deshpande, MSW/MPH Student
  472. Anonymous
  474. Stephen Bonett, PhD Student in Nursing
  475. Naomi Zucker
  476. Katie Rader, PhD Candidate in Political Science
  477. Ethan Hill, PhD Student in English at UCLA
  478. Peter Odell Campbell, Assistant Professor in Composition, Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric, University of Pittsburgh
  479. Daniel Moak, PhD (2016) in Political Science
  480. Mary Kate Matson
  481. Jimil Ataman, PhD Student in Education and Anthropology 
  482. Stephanie Ko, M.S.Ed. Counseling and Mental Health Services 2019, M.Phil.Ed. Professional Counseling 2020, University of Pennsylvania
  483. Benjamin Oyler, PhD Music
  484. Erik Broess, PhD Student in Music
  485. Gianni Sievers, PhD Student in South Asia Studies
  486. Geoffrey Durham, PhD Candidate in History
  487. Savita Ananthan, PhD Student in South Asia Studies
  488. Sam Schirvar, PhD Student in History and Sociology of Science
  489. Jessica Dickson, PhD Student at Harvard University 
  490. Hector Kilgoe is my grandson (A concerned grandma)
  491. Victoria Sanchez, Penn Law 2022
  492. Katherine Scahill, PhD Student in Music
  493. Aniebiet Abasi
  494. Matthew Kubach, Oberlin College
  495. Sarah J. Jackson, Associate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication
  496. Randall Burson, MD-PhD Student in Anthropology
  497. Davy Knittle, PhD Student in English 
  498. E.Ann Matter, Professor Emerita of Religious Studies
  499. Helen Stuhr-Romereim 
  500. Kerry McAuliffe, PhD Candidate in English
  501. Sara Meloni, PhD student in History and Sociology of Science
  502. Kathleen Jones, UPENN Alumni 2009
  503. Chenelle Boatswain, EdD student Educational Leadership
  504. Carly Regina
  505. Marshall Schurtz, PhD Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  506. William Marble, BA 2015 (Penn), PhD Candidate in Political Science (Stanford)
  507. Andrew Lamas, Faculty, Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  508. Paige Pendarvis, PhD Student in History
  509. Zoe Cooperband
  510. Lucas de Lima, PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature
  511. Jessica Peng, PhD Candidate in Education and Anthropology
  512. Marc Marin Webb, PhD Student in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

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